To People Who Concern Shoulder Tightness and Stiffness in Karasumaoike  



Hello everyone! 

Today we will talk about shoulder tightness/stiffness. 

When your shoulders and arms are overworked due to work, housework, or childcare, blood circulation will deteriorate and it creates fatigue substances and pain in the blood. Because of the substance, the muscles become stiff and you feel painful.

At Karasumaoike acupuncture Osteopathic Clinic, we can help to improve such shoulder symptoms with pelvic adjustment treatment!

First of all, I will explain why you need pelvic adjustment for shoulder tightness/stiffness!

The pelvis is the foundation of the human body. The spine is piled up like a building block on the pelvis, and the head is on top of it. When the base is tilted, it creates misalignment of spine and makes joints difficult to move and muscles stiffening. A variety of symptoms can result from muscle imbalance.

By correcting the misalignment with pelvic adjustment, you can loosen muscle tightness, improve circulation, and create a pain-free body. 

If you have any problems about shoulders, please contact us. 

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