To People Who Concern “Stiffness” and “Pain” in Karasumaoike 


Today, I will briefly explain the mechanism of why “stiffness” and “pain” occur!

In a nutshell, it’s “the body’s lack of oxygen.”

(1) Muscles are tense due to your lifestyle habits and various factors, and the blood vessels inside the muscles are compressed and the blood flow decreases.

(2) Sufficient oxygen is not supplied to the muscles, and fatigue substances (lactic acid) accumulate there.

(3) Lactic acid stimulates nerves, producing pain substances, such as bradykinin.

(4) Muscles react to this substance, causing muscle tightness.

And again, it falls into a vicious cycle of returning to (1).

Many people experience stiffness and pain due to lack of oxygen.
If you are a office worker who spends a lot of time sitting down, or you don’t get enough exercise, or you feel a little sluggish,
Let’s escape from “body oxygen deficiency state” with “pelvic adjustment” at our clinic! !

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